Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final blog reflection

I think that the most useful thing that I have learned this semester is how to incorporate videos into my classes. This semester I was able to learn to use imovie, viddler, and final cut pro. These technologies will help me so much in the classroom. They will help me to teach my students to combine the physical aspects of dance with the visual. I feel like it will take their artistic development to a whole new level when learn to present their dancing in artistic ways (such as by making a video). I am so excited to use viddler as a means of communication with my students. I wish I had learned about this a long time ago! I think it will be so helpful to the students to be able to have a visual to go along with my students. I think it will greatly increase their capacity to improve. They will have a better understanding of what I am seeing when I observe their dancing. I think it will lead to an increase in feedback from me and it will better my relationships with my students. Being a student for many years myself, I feel like I can grow and improve so much more when I have a visual aid to help me learn. Also, I think it will be so useful to be able to use imovie of final cut to advertise  if  I ever have a studio of my own. I am so excited to use these technologies in the future. I am also noticing that technology doesn't intimidate me nearly as much as it used to. Now, even if I don't know how to use something, I feel like I am able to better navigate myself until I am able to figure out how to do something. This will help me greatly when I am a teacher and will encounter technology that is completely new to me.

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